XW1601 - 15.6” FHD LCD KVM Console

XW1601 - 15.6” FHD LCD KVM Console

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Short depth: 360mm Rack-mountable in 1U system rack Dual power supply 15.6” FHD LCD monitor Resolution is up to 1920 x 1080@60Hz

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8,966,500 đ


  • The XW1601 1U rackmount console is the ideal solution for ETC specialized rack, 5G rack, network specialized rack and standard server rack. Featuring an integrated 15.6” LCD display, full-99 key keyboard and touchpad, all in a 1U rack-mountable housing, it supports the shortest mounting depth: 360mm. It also features a dual power supply redundancy, largely improve the work efficiency of the whole KVM and server system. It is easy and fast to install the KVM console; you just need to connect corresponding cables to the right ports of KVM and its module without software configuration. This console is designed with two anti-vibration fixing screws on the front panel to prevent the console during transportation and operating.
  • Features
  •    Rack-mountable in 1U system rack
  •    Dual power supply
  •    15.6” FHD LCD display, 99-key keyboard, touchpad
  •    Resolution is up to 1920 x 1080@60Hz
  •    Constructed of heavy-duty steel in a 1U housing
  •    Short depth: 360mm
  •    High resolution and high flexibility with touchpad; with two function buttons and scroll wheel
  •    Dual power supply redundancy design
  •    A single USB console
  •    Dual interface – supports computers with PS/2 and USB keyboard and mouse
  •    Auto PS/2 and USB interface detection
  •    Two level password security – support 1 administrator user and up to 4 users, only administrator user can give user the right to access and view the server.
  •    Broadcast mode – operations simultaneously performed on all selected computers
  •    Multiplatform support – Windows, Linux, Mac and Sun
  •    Supports multimedia USB keyboard(PC, Mac and Sun)
  •    USB or PS/2 keyboard emulation – computer boot even the console focus is else where
  •    Convenient computer switching via front panel pushbuttons, hotkeys, OSD menu
  •    Auto scan feature for monitoring user-selected computers
  •    Hot pluggable – add or remove computers without having to power down the switch

Package Contents

  •    1x XW1601 short depth LCD KVM Switch
  •   1x Power Cord (Regional)
  •   2x Mounting Rails
  •   1x Quick Start Guide

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