XL1908 - Single Rail 19” 8 Port USB VGA LCD KVM Console

XL1908 - Single Rail 19” 8 Port USB VGA LCD KVM Console

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The XL1908 Rack Mount LCD KVM Switch is a control unit that allows access to 8 computers from a PS/2 or USB KVM console. An extra console port is provided on the rear panel to manage the LCD KVM switch from an external console. The XL1908 integrates an 8 port analog KVM switch together with the LCD panel allowing access and control with up to 8 computers from a single console (keyboard, mouse, and monitor). By cascading additional switches, as many as 256 computers can be controlled from a single console.


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Hardware feature

  •  One 8 port KVM switch is integrated in 1U height console; multiple computers can be controlled from a single monitor-keyboard-mouse console
  •  Standard VGA connector-Connect to a server or computer via a standard VGA connector
  •  Quick release tabs-Insert or remove the device with ease

High Performance Touchpad

  •  Touchpad with trackball- Eliminates the need for a separate, external mouse


  •  Multi-language support--English, Russian, German, French, Korean, Swedish and Italian, etc.
  •  Full size 99 keys keyboard with integrated number pad

Management Way

  •  Convenient computer switching via front panel LEDs, OSD menu and mouse
  •  Auto scan feature for monitoring user-selected compute 
  •  Broadcast mode--operations simultaneously performed on all selected computers 
  •  Hot pluggable --add or remove computers without having to power down the switch 
  •  Quickly select your computer by naming the server or inputting SN number of the server
  •  On-Screen Display (OSD) adjustments-Adjust the on-screen image, including: auto adjust, exit, power on/off, brightness, menu, and a power indicator
  • Unrestricted mode: No data encryption with transparent signal. No 2 level password login with easy access. No data coding on KVM signal transfer

High Resolution

  •  19” TFT LCD monitor with highlight, high definition and high resolution
  •  Resolution is up to 1280 x 1024 @75H

Cascade Feature

  •  Directly access and control up to 8 servers with single XL1908
  •  By cascading to another 31 switches, as many as 256 servers can be controlled

Wide Compatibility

  •  Multi-platform Support-Compatible with Windows, Sun, Unix and Linux
  •  Supports server form Lenovo, HUA WEI, HP, IBM, Cisco and Dell, etc.

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