HT1208 - 8 Rack Mount 1-Local/2-Remote Access Cat5 KVM over IP Switch

HT1208 - 8 Rack Mount 1-Local/2-Remote Access Cat5 KVM over IP Switch

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The HT12xx Rack mount KVM over IP Switch is a control unit that allows secure access to 8/16/32 computers from a single KVM console.
The HT12xx IP KVM features IP-based connectivity that allows local and remote operators to monitor andaccess the computers. With TCP/IP communications protocol, the HT12xx IP KVM can be accessed from anycomputer on the LAN, WAN orInternet.
It’s easy to set up the HT12xx IP KVM, just plug the cable into the appropriate port, no software needed, nocomplicated installation procedures, and no compatibility issues.Connect computers with compact RJ-45 connectorsandCat 5e/6 cable, transmitting distance is up to 100m.

34,005,000 đ

34,005,000 đ

Hardware Features
⚫Rack-mountable in 1U system rack
⚫Dual power supply

Local Console
⚫Control up to 8 /16/32 computers
⚫Support 1local user and 2 remote users,and it can be extended to unlimited users,allows local+ extended users and remote users to gain access to different servers simultaneously
⚫Easy-to-use switching by browser-based UI interface, hotkeys and pushbuttons
⚫Support servers with VGA/DVI/HDMI port
⚫Multiplatform client support (Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac, Solaris (Sun), Redhat, Ubuntu
⚫Local Console, Browser, and APGUIs offer a unified multilanguage interface
⚫Local Console support a full screen GUI display with soft keyboard
⚫Support mouse synchronization mode-automatically synchronizes the local and remote mouse movements
⚫Video synchronization with local console - EDID information for local console display can be stored in the host module for video resolution optimization
⚫Keyboard and mouse emulation to ensure the normal booting
⚫Auto scan feature for monitoring user-selected computer
⚫Hot pluggable--add or remove computerswithout having to power down the switch

Remote Console
⚫Adaptive 10/100/1000 Mbps network
⚫WEB browser-based remote management
⚫BIOS-level access
⚫Video quality and video tolerance can beadjusted to optimize data transfer speed, data transfer speed is up to 30 FPS


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