XL1716 - 17' LCD KVM Switch 16 Port with 1U design

XL1716 - 17' LCD KVM Switch 16 Port with 1U design

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The XL1716 Rack Mount LCD KVM Switch is a control unit that allows access to 16 computers from a PS/2 or USB KVM console. An extra console port is provided on the rear panel to manage the LCD KVM switch from an external console. The XL1716 integrates an 16 port analog KVM switch together with the LCD panel allowing access and control with up to 16 computers from a single console (keyboard, mouse, and monitor). By cascading additional switches, as many as 512 computers can be controlled from a single console

16,107,000 đ

16,107,000 đ

Hardware feature

  •  One 16 port KVM switch is integrated in 1U height console; multiple computers can be controlled from a single monitor-keyboard-mouse console
  •  Standard VGA connector-Connect to a server or computer via a standard VGA connector
  •  Quick release tabs-Insert or remove the device with ease

High Performance Touchpad

  •  Touchpad with trackball- Eliminates the need for a separate, external mouse


  •  Multi-language support--English, Russian, German, French, Korean, Swedish and Italian, etc.
  •  Full size 99 keys keyboard with integrated number pad

Management Way

  •  Convenient computer switching via front panel LEDs, OSD menu and mouse
  •  Auto scan feature for monitoring user-selected compute 
  •  Broadcast mode--operations simultaneously performed on all selected computers 
  •  Hot pluggable --add or remove computers without having to power down the switch 
  •  Quickly select your computer by naming the server or inputting SN number of the server
  •  On-Screen Display (OSD) adjustments-Adjust the on-screen image, including: auto adjust, exit, power on/off, brightness, menu, and a power indicator
  • Unrestricted mode: No data encryption with transparent signal. No 2 level password login with easy access. No data coding on KVM signal transfer.

High Resolution

  •  17” TFT LCD monitor with highlight, high definition and high resolution
  •  Resolution is up to 1280 x 1024 @75H

Cascade Feature

  •  Directly access and control up to 16 servers with single XL1716
  •  By cascading to another 31 switches, as many as 512 servers can be controlled

Wide Compatibility

  •  Multi-platform Support-Compatible with Windows, Sun, Unix and Linux
  •  Supports server form Lenovo, HUA WEI, HP, IBM, Cisco and Dell, etc.

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